The Tools menu of Folder Guard offers the following commands:

Emergency recovery

Use this command to create the Emergency Recovery Utility for Folder Guard.

Add/remove users

Use this command to manage the users that appear in the User List of Folder Guard.

Stealth mode

Use this command to enable or disable the stealth mode of Folder Guard.

Go to special folder

Use this command to quickly navigate to one of the special folders in the Folders view.

Restore default options

Use this command to quickly restore the default protection options in the Options view.

Export configuration

Use this command to save the current protection configuration in a file.

Import configuration

Use this command to load the previously saved protection configuration from a file.

Windows tools - Explorer

Runs Windows Explorer.

Windows tools - Control Panel

Opens the Control Panel.

Windows tools - Registry Editor

Runs the Windows Registry Editor (RegEdit.exe).

Windows tools - Policy Editor

Runs the Windows Policy Editor (PolEdit.exe) or opens the Group Policies management window. Note that your computer may not have either of these tools installed.

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