This page is displayed when you select the Misc tab on the Options window. You can use this page to the miscellaneous options of AB Commander. This page contains the following areas:

Delete files to Recycle Bin, if possible, without asking to confirm

This option changes the behavior of the Delete command, as well as the function of the Delete key. If this option is checked, then when you delete files within AB Commander, it checks whether they can be moved to Recycle Bin, and if so, it moves the files there without displaying the Delete window or asking you to confirm the delete operation. If AB Commander determines that the move to the Recycle Bin is not possible (for example, if the files are located on a removable drive), then it displays the Delete window and/or asks you to confirm the delete operation. You can override this option and force the Delete window to appear by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys (instead of just Delete), or keeping the Ctrl key pressed while clicking on the Delete buton on the toolbar.

After deleting, automatically select the next item

If this option is selected, then after you have deleted or moved an item with AB Commander, it attempts to automatically select the next item for you. If this option is cleared, AB Commandes does not attempt to select the next item after the 'delete' or 'move' operations.

Copy "Created" time when copying or synchronizing files

This option is available on computers that have Windows Vista or a later version of Windows. If this option is selected, it causes AB Commander to copy the "created" time attribute when copying or synchronizing files. If this option is not selected, then the default Windows behaving is taking place, that is the "created" time of the destination file is set by Windows to the current system time, rather than the "created" time of the source file.

Note that this option has no effect if the copying if performed using the standard Windows drag-and-drop protocol. In order to for this option to take effect using the drag-and-drop, you must select the alternative drag-and-drop protocol in the Drag and Drop options window of AB Commander.

Add AB Commander submenu to the panel context menu

If checked, this option causes AB Commander to add its file operation commands (such as Copy, Move, etc.) to the Windows shortcut menu (that is, the menu that is displayed when you right-click on a file or folder with the mouse in AB Commander). The commands are grouped together into a separate submenu, which is added as the very first item of the shortcut menu. Note that if the panel is displaying a virtual folder, or if there are no objects currently selected in the panel, the commands of AB Commander are not added to the shortcut menu. Note also that only the shortcut menus displayed in the AB Commander's panels are affected by this option; if you right-click on a file within a regular Explorer window, the AB Commander commands will NOT be added in such a case.

Use Norton Commander Keys

If checked, this option causes AB Commander to recognize the keyboard shortcuts used by Norton Commander.

Clear folder history on exit

If checked, this option causes AB Commander to delete the contents of its folder history lists when exiting.

Size of the Most Recently Visited Folders lists

The maximum number of items that AB Commander should retain in the Most Recently Visited Folder (History) lists.

Confirm Exit

If checked, this option causes a confirmation prompt to be displayed before exiting AB Commander.

Drag and Drop options

Press this button to open the Drag and Drop options window of AB Commander.

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